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I don't know if I could be more sad. I'm even more sad than I have been after being dumped, it's awful. We put Murphy to sleep today. She was my dog for almost 15 years, which is basically my whole life since I can remember. The worst part is though, as sad as I am right now, I don't even think that the realization of the whole thing has even kicked in yet. Like the days when I get home from school and see her there waiting for a treat, or nights at the dinner table, and especially those times in the middle of the night when it seems like nobody is awake in the entire city...She won't be there anymore from here on out and its a lot to take in right now.

R.I.P MURPHY "MISCHIEF" TUBER....that's her actual name on her birth certificate. Good god I'm going to miss her so incredibly much. We love you Murph, sleep well puppy.
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