S E A N (tubesox3030) wrote,

I have something to say. This one goes out to the ones I loathe. Its about flakers and their stupidity, or selfishness, or lack of respect to others...however they would like to be catergorized. It is one thing to have plans with someone and cancel, and it is another thing to have plans with someone and just completely flake. A PHONE CALL IS ALL IT TAKES YOU FLAKES. Just call, and cancel. It really can't be that big of a deal...you always get the excuse the next day..."oh ya, well, so and so got in trouble and had to go home, or...my fone had no reception, or, i did call, you didnt pick up. HA! Anytime you hear one of these excuses it is coming straight from the mouth of a FLAKER! A true friend, or any rational human being for that matter, would have the decency to make the fone call to cancel, cuz, thats normal, right? Who knows, Ive come across too many flakers in my time and I'm done with putting up with. Thus, flakers beware, and steer clear of me, cuz...just cuz, tis annoying, see ya dawgs
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